Troubleshooting Timesheets

What to do when your Timesheet Records require attention.

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What do the notifications on the timesheets page mean?


This denotes some timesheet entries that require your approval. It could be that staff have been early or late, or that a timesheet has been edited, if staff are allowed to do so. 

Any entries requiring approval will be highlighted in yellow. Hover over the warning arrows, or the bold clocking times to see the reason why approval is needed.

To edit any clocking times, simply click on the entry and type to edit it. When you’re happy with the entry, use the menu to the right to approve it, or by using the green ‘Approve’ option at the top of the timesheet.


Secondly, some timesheets will show a yellow circle containing a number, and this is because some timesheet records are missing entirely.

Missing entries will need to be added manually. They can be typed in, or the entire contents of the scheduled shift can be copied in by clicking the green '+' to the right of the scheduled shift.

If the record is missing owing to an absence, it can be added by clicking the Add Absence or Leave link while hovering your mouse over the entry. This will allow you to quickly add sickness or leave to the timesheet.

Why does it say that an Attendance Record is missing, when there is one there?

If a timesheet is reporting that there is a missing entry for a shift, but there appears to be a time there, then the employee may have accidentally clocked in without a shift, instead of clocking in to the shift that they had scheduled.

These records can be identified by them not having a Role or Location assigned:

Timesheet records such as this will ignore the rules set up for breaks and overtime, so it’s important to correct these. Delete the entry using the menu to the right, and add the correct shift data using the green '+'.

'Allow Clock Ins without Scheduled Shifts' can be disabled from your Settings menu.

Where else do I need to check?

Leave records will also require a daily hourly total adding for them, to allow holiday pay to be correctly calculated.  You can enter any value that you need to by typing it into the Hours Paid column. For long periods of Leave, you can save time by selecting the Set Daily Hours option in the menu. This will set the same number for every day of Leave in the instance.

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