How to integrate with Orka Pay

How to setup with Orka Pay and how does the integration work

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You can set up a direct integration between RotaCloud and Orka Pay.

This is designed to fit alongside your current payroll cycle (which is set up in RotaCloud), and provides your employees with a wage advance feature through the Orka Pay app format. Your staff can download the Orka Pay app onto their own devices, giving them access to their earnings ahead of payday.

After receiving the employee's full pay amount from RotaCloud (before tax) that has been earned for each shift, Orka Pay will then use this data to calculate the balance. Employee’s balances are incremented each time a shift is worked, and Orka Pay is set up to allow up to 50% of staff’s earnings to be withdrawn. For example, if an employee works a 10 hour shift at £10 per hour, when the shift has been worked then the balance will be increased by £50.

Orka Pay will then send you data about how much your employees can withdraw. Orka Pay can also notify you via webhooks when an employee has withdrawn some of their pay.

Any adjustments can be made mid-cycle if needed. For example, if a worker did not work the shift or if they worked fewer hours than intended. Orka Pay can exclude certain workers in this instance, if needed, but this is a manual process.

To prevent staff from withdrawing, if payroll is still being processed on your side, Orka Pay can add a “freeze” to staff's balances. You can also manually reduce a user's funds at any time via Orka Pay (as long as the Pay Date is set in the future).

To set up the integration successfully, the 3 below steps need to be completed via Orka Pay:

  • Create a user

  • Add funds to a user via Pay Dates

  • Get Deductions so you can deduct withdrawals from your employees' payslips

At the end of your payroll cycle, you can then subtract the amount which an employee has withdrawn through the Orka Pay app from their final pay.

You should receive invoices via email from Orka Pay highlighting each user’s total withdrawals.

For more information on how to integrate visit Orka Pay's guide.

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