Editing Employee Profiles

Making changes to an employee's details, including Locations, Roles, Holiday allocation, and wage/salary information

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To edit an employee profile, go to Company → Employees and click the employee's name.

In the left-hand-side menu you’ll see a list of Sections wherein employee data can be managed:

(NB: If you have the Pro package enabled on your account, then you will also have access to the additional Document Storage and Logbook options in this menu).

Employee Details

In this section you can add in the following:

  • Set the Account Type as either: Admin, Manager or Employee

  • Set their Weekly Hours

  • Set their Group and Default Role

  • Assign either a fixed Holiday Allowance or to Accrue Holiday

  • Set Employment Type: Full-Time, Part-Time, Casual, Agency, etc.

  • Start Date and Final Working Date

  • Right to Work status and expiry date

  • Any additional Notes

Personal Information

This section allows you to add in any personal details for the employee such as:

  • Names, date of birth, address, email, phone number etc.

  • Gender

  • Secondary email address

  • Emergency contact details

Locations & Roles

In these sections you can assign which Locations you want the employee to appear on and have access to. You can also assign specific Roles in the same way.

Wage & Salary

In this section you can control employee’s pay information, and set the following:

Work Schedule

You can set up a weekly Work Schedule to be applied on the rota page. You can assign the employee’s working days and any days off in this section.


If you have the Pro package, you will have access to the Document Storage tool. This allows you to securely upload a range of documents, which can be stored here in the employee’s profile.


With our Pro package, you can use the Logbooks tool to keep a log of your employee's activities, including training, accidents and appraisals.

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