Integrating PeopleHR with RotaCloud

How to set up the RotaCloud integration with PeopleHR

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Setting up the integration

Please note - Before continuing we recommend populating your PeopleHR account with data first, with an empty RotaCloud account.

  1. Log into your RotaCloud account.

  2. Click the Cog icon β†’ Integrations.

  3. Click PeopleHR.

  4. Click Link Accounts. A popup will display with instructions on how to generate an API key. Open up a new tab/window and follow the instructions.

  5. Once you have an API key, paste it into the API Key field in the Link Accounts popup in RotaCloud.

  6. If you want to import email addresses and invite all your staff to use RotaCloud, tick the 'Import email addresses?' box. (Please note: clicking this option to import employee's emails will send out invites immediately to your staff).

  7. Click Link Accounts.

Once the initial sync is complete, you'll be able to see the following data in RotaCloud:

  • Your employee list will have been transferred onto the Company β†’ Employees page.

  • Your Locations and Roles can be found on their corresponding pages under Company.

  • The Leave page will show all your holidays from PeopleHR.

  • If you go to the Rotas page, you'll see that each Location has been given its own rota. Additionally, Leave will be shown on the rotas.

From here, we'll update your data from PeopleHR automatically on a regular basis (usually every 2-3 hours).

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