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Paying different rates for certain shift types

Using Custom Role Rates for variable wages, sleep-ins, overtime shifts, and more.

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You can set RotaCloud up to calculate pay at a different rate depending on the type of shift being worked using our Custom Role Rates feature.

This feature maps a role to a specific per-hour or per-shift rate in each employee's profile. This is useful if you have a member of staff who works multiple jobs with different rates of pay, or if you have certain shifts which are paid per-shift.


  1. You must have a specific Role which you use to mark the shift type on the rota. For example, if someone is paid differently for being an Assistant Manager and a Sales Assistant, you must have Roles in the system pertaining to those job titles.

  2. The employee must be assigned to all the roles they can work.

  3. The shifts on the rota must be marked with the correct Role i.e. an Assistant Manager shift must be marked as such.

To set up custom role rates for an employee, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Company -> Employees and click the employee's name.

  2. Click Wage/Salary in the left-side menu.

  3. Under Custom Role Rates, enter the appropriate per-hour or per-shift rate for each role. If you leave a role blank, it will be assigned the employee's default salary which is defined at the top of that page.

  4. Click Save.

Now, the cost estimate on the Rotas page will reflect the new rates, as will the Reports section. If you use Time & Attendance, the payroll will also reflect the new rates.

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