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Adding and editing employees on the RotaCloud mobile app
Adding and editing employees on the RotaCloud mobile app
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Opening the employees list

Employees can be added and managed within your app using the app’s settings menu. Open the menu using the icon in the top-right corner, under ‘Company’, tap ‘Employees' to open the employee list.

All of the employees you manage will be listed in alphabetical order. You can use the search bar at the top to search for employees by typing in all of part of their name. You can tap on any employee’s name to make changes to their profile.

Adding employees

To add a new employee tap the blue plus icon, and then tap ‘Add employee’. Enter a first and last name, and optionally an email address, the default role, and assigned location(s) for the employee. If you wish to send an invite to the employee’s email immediately, select ‘Send invite’.

When you’re ready to create the new employee, tap ‘Add employee’. This will create the employee, and send out the invite email if selected.

A screenshot of the 'Add employee' page in the RotaCloud mobile app.

Editing employee details

Tapping on this new employee, or on an existing employee’s name, will take you to the profile editing page. Here, you can move around the various sections of an employee’s profile using the options at the top of the page.

A screenshot of the Employee Details page of an employee profile on the RotaCloud mobile app.

Enter the required information on the Employee Details or Personal Information pages. On the Locations and Roles pages, you can tick/untick all of the relevant locations and roles to which you’re assigning this employee. You can use the search bar at the top of each page to more easily find the Locations and Roles you need.

When you're ready, tap the update button at the bottom of each page to save any changes. if you navigate to another page of the employee’s profile before saving, then the app will warn you that any changes may be lost, giving you the option to save before doing this.

Note: Wages & Salaries, Work Schedule, Documents, Logbook & Manager Permissions are not editable in the app. To change these settings, please use the desktop RotaCloud site.

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