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Time Off in Lieu

How to enable the management of Time Off in Lieu (TOIL) in your RotaCloud account

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What is TOIL?

Time Off in Lieu (or TOIL) is a commonly-used practice of giving employees time off from work in exchange for overtime or extra shifts during busier periods.

Typically, employees accrue a balance of TOIL which is kept separate from their annual leave allowance, which can then be taken at an agreed upon time.

How TOIL works in RotaCloud

RotaCloud can be used to effectively track Time Off in Lieu for businesses that use it. Once it’s enabled, each employee can accrue their own balance of TOIL, which an Admin can maintain on their employee profile, and employees can view on their Time Off in Lieu summary page.

TOIL hours are added using the blue plus button at the top of the employee’s TOIL page.

These hours can then be used by an employee, either by an Admin/Manager adding leave, or the employee requesting leave as Time Off in Lieu. A new Leave Type named ‘TOIL’ will be added to your account, and any Leave of this type will use the employee’s TOIL balance, as opposed to their holiday allowance.

Each employee’s current TOIL balance is shown on the Leave page next to their holiday allowance as well as on their Time Off in Lieu page on their profile. Throughout RotaCloud, TOIL leave shows as its own different shade of blue.

How to enable TOIL in RotaCloud

To switch the TOIL features on for your entire account, head to your Settings page by clicking the cog icon in the upper-right corner.

Then, scroll to the Leave section of the settings page, and tick the box for TOIL:

The 'Time off in lieu' settings are located at the bottom of the Leave section of the settings page, immediately under the 'Set default leave paid status' options.

Once enabled, you’ll be able to get started adding accrued TOIL hours, and adding leave taken as TOIL to your account.

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