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Employee Right to Work status

Use RotaCloud to track employees' right to work documentation, and expiry dates

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RotaCloud can be used to track employees' Right to Work status alongside their other employment details. This tool is found on each employee's profile page.

Right to Work


The Right to Work switch is located on the 'Employee Details' page, immediately beneath their start date:

Tick the box to mark this employee as having their Right to Work status confirmed. This setting is visible to all Administrators, as well as Managers who have the permission to add or edit employee details.

When you're done, be sure to save your changes.


On mobile, you'll find the setting on an employee's 'Employee Details' page. Here, you can switch their ''Right to Work' status confirmed' on using the button provided:

In the app menu, tap 'Company', and then 'Employee's to view your employee list, and tap any employee to open their profile.

Expiry Dates

When an employee has been marked as having their Right to Work confirmed, an expiry date field is displayed just below this. You can optionally set an expiry date using the calendar provided, and save this expiry date to the employee's profile.

Tap on the 'Right to work expiry date' field to open your device's date picker. Select a date, and then tap to confirm the date.

Remember to save your changes when you're done.

Exporting Right to Work status

You can download your employee details at any time. Each employee's Right to Work status and (if present) expiry date will be included in the CSV export.

Right to Work Documents

With RotaCloud Pro, the Right to Work marker can be used alongside Document Storage in RotaCloud, allowing you to store a copy of any necessary documents on an employee's profile.

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