Setting up the integration

Before you start

If you're integrating with breathe using a RotaCloud account you've been using before, there are a couple of things to bear in mind:

  • Before setting up the integration, ensure that all employees' names match on both systems, and that each employee's email address is registered in RotaCloud. If there are discrepancies, the integration will create duplicate employees in RotaCloud.
  • When the integration is set up, all existing Leave records in RotaCloud will be deleted and replaced with the Leave calendar from breathe.

Step 1: Create your API key

In RotaCloud, click Settings (the cog icon) on the top-right of the blue navigation bar, then select the API Keys tab.

Next, click the blue Plus button to create a new API key. Enter a name of the API key (something like 'breathe' is best) and then click Create.

Step 2: Enter your API key into breathe

Once you have created your API key in RotaCloud, log on to your breathe account. In breathe, select Configure>Settings>RotaCloud.

Here, enter the API key you created in RotaCloud and click 'Enable'.

Step 3: Enter breathe API key into RotaCloud

The final step of the integration is to take the production API key from breathe and enter it into RotaCloud.

To do this, in your breathe account, go to Configure>Settings and select API Setup. Click 'Enable' and then copy the production API key.

Once you have copied this, go to your RotaCloud account and go to Settings>Integrations>breathe and select 'Link Account'.

Enter you API key in the box provided and click 'Link Accounts'

Managing the systems

What should I do in each system?


  • Creation of Employees and assigning of email addresses
  • Managing Leave


  • Rotas
  • Creation of Locations and Roles
  • Assigning employees to Locations and Roles

Other notes

  • It's possible to bulk-delete employees from RotaCloud. However, you will not be able to delete the Admin user.
  • You will not be able to delete your breathe account unless the RotaCloud integration is disabled.
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