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Adding previous employees to RotaCloud

Reinstating previous staff

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There may be times when previously employed staff rejoin your business. Instead of creating a brand new user account for the individual, you can undelete previously-deleted employees using your Past Employees page. You'll find the link to this page at the top of your Employees list:

The Past Employees page will show you all previously-deleted employees in alphabetical order. It includes their email addresses, the dates they were added and removed from the system, and who added and deleted them. On the far right, you’ll see a Reinstate button for each employee.

Clicking this button will immediately return them to your employees list. All past shifts (until the day they were deleted) and their Leave will still be recorded, too, as well as their personal info in their employee profile. Any uploaded Documents will also be restored.

They will need their Locations and Roles reassigning, however, before they show on a rota.

Undeleted staff won’t need to go through the invitation process again. They can log back in immediately with their same email and password, but if they can’t remember their password, they can reset it using our Password Reset form:

You won't be able to create a second profile for the employee using their previously-registered email address, so we recommend that you use this method to undelete them instead.

If you would prefer to create a new profile, or you have already done this, just drop us a message in the live chat, and we can remove the email address from our records, allowing you to re-add it to the second profile.

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