Changing settings in the Terminal app

An overview of what settings you can change within the RotaCloud Terminal app

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A number of Terminal settings can be changed from within the Terminal app itself. To change them, enter the PIN of an Admin, or of a Manager who has the ‘Manage timesheets and view payroll reports’ permission enabled:

You’ll see a ‘Settings’ icon underneath your profile picture and name. Tap this icon to open the Settings menu.

Terminal Name

You can change the name of this Terminal by tapping on the current name, entering the new one, and then tapping ‘Save Changes’ to save.

Picture Taking

You can enable/disable picture taking from within the Terminal app. Use the switch to enable/disable the requirement for photos.

If enabled, you can choose whether photos are required only at the start and end of shifts, or also at the start and end of breaks.

When you’re happy with these settings, tap on ‘Save Changes’ to save.

NB: The Terminal app will require access to the camera in order to take photos.

Adjust Location

If you move the physical position of your Terminal, you will need to update its Location using the Adjust Location page. The tablet's GPS must match the location that you've defined on this page in order to let someone clock in.

Time Zone

You can change the Time Zone of the terminal by selecting your continent in the first drop-down menu.

Then, select the city that best matches the location of your tablet, and your time zone.

Again, when you’re happy, hit ‘Save Changes’ to save.


When you’re done editing settings, tap 'Close' to return to the terminal’s main menu.


You can shut down the terminal from any page on the settings menu using the Shutdown button. You can also launch and shut down any terminal, as well as editing settings, from the ‘Manage Terminals’ page on your RotaCloud account.

NB: You can only enable/disable Picture Taking on the Terminal itself

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