You can control how salaried employee’s rates are estimated on the Settings page.

Hourly Rate

An hourly rate is estimated by dividing the Employee’s annual salary by 52, to estimate a weekly salary. This weekly estimate is then divided by the number in their Weekly Hours on their profile. Estimates, therefore, might be inaccurate if an Employee is scheduled under/over their weekly contracted hours.

Day Rate

A day rate is estimated by first dividing the Employee’s annual salary by 52, in order to obtain the weekly salary estimate. This is then divided by the number of Working Days that are defined on the Rota. Estimates may be inaccurate if an employee has an inconsistent number of days per week, or if you forget to mark their non-working days as Days Off on the rota.

Note: The number of working days is not the same as the number of Shifts! It is the number of days not marked as a Day Off using the Work Schedule, or the Add/Remove Days Off tool. 

When a day off is added to the rota using this method, the day is not counted towards the overall rota costs, so be sure to do this to deduct any non-working days for your salaried Employees.

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