How to use Pro to log employee activities

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With our Pro package, you can use your employees' logbooks to keep a log of a range of activities, including training, accidents and appraisals.

To access your employee’s logbook, go to Company -> Employees and click on an employee name. In their profile, select the ‘Logbook’ tab on the left.

Click the ‘Edit Categories’ option to amend and add new logbook categories. You can select the blue plus button to create a new category, click on existing categories to amend them, and click the red X to delete a category.

On the Logbook tab, click the blue plus button to create a new logbook entry. Here you can choose the category for the entry, or create a new category.

You can also input the entry title, enter a description, set the date, and optionally, the time.

Once done, click Save and your logbook entry will display. You can amend these entries anytime by clicking on them.

NB: Logbooks can be managed by admin level users, and managers with the permission ‘Add employees and manage basic information’ enabled. This feature is currently not visible to any employees.

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