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Giving other people management access/privileges

How to set up extra Admins and Managers

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We don't expect you to do all the hard work! If you have other staff in your business who need to be able to edit the rota, annual leave, employee information and so on, you can set them up as Admins.

This will give them an identical level of access to you - the Account Owner - so only use this option for members of staff who you trust to have complete access to the system, including billing settings.

To set an existing employee as an Admin, go to Company โ†’ Employees and click on their name. Then use the Account Type drop-down to set their Account Type to Administrator, and click Save. That's it!


If you want an employee to have certain rota management responsibilities for specific Locations, but don't want to give them complete access, you can set them up as a Manager. Each Manager account has its own customisable permissions, controlled by the Admin(s).

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