How to view Terminal data
Check your staff's Terminal photos and GPS location logs
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If your staff use a Terminal to clock in and out, then you can also enable the photo-taking option (to learn more about this click here).

These photos will be recorded on staff's individual timesheets for the relevant dates. You can view these by heading to the Attendance tab and selecting the employee in the left-hand side list to view their timesheet.

If a photo has been successfully taken upon clock in or clock out, then this will be accessible on the employee's timesheet entry. These will be indicated with a camera icon.

Click on the camera icon to view the photos.

You can also view GPS data, if applicable, by clicking the target icon on the employee's timesheet entry.

This will bring up a map to indicate the employee's exact location at the time of clock in and/or clock out. This is useful if you need to check if an employee is clocking in and out of their scheduled shifts at the correct location.

(N.B. Terminal photos are stored for 8 weeks and then are permanently deleted from the system).

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