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What can employees see and do?

A breakdown of everything employee accounts have access to

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When employees have created their own logins, they can access the system and view their shifts.

Employees will not be able to change, add, or modify any shifts or account settings. Only rota admins and managers have access to these features.

What employees can see and do

  • Log in and view their shifts, anywhere and anytime

  • Add or edit their contact details such as name, address, email address, and phone number

  • Receive notifications alerting them to rota updates etc.

  • Print their rota

  • Export a live feed of their shifts into calendar software (e.g. Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Outlook etc.)

What employees cannot see

  • Rota costs or wage/salary information

  • Other employee profiles

  • Other Locations (unless specified otherwise by an Admin in the account settings)

Optional tools available to employees

These are enabled by default but can be turned off by an Admin.

  • Submit holiday/leave requests. When an employee submits a request, admins, and managers who manage the employee, will be notified and given the option to either approve or deny the request.

  • Request unavailability. If an employee is unable to work a shift, they can submit an Unavailability Request. This will be sent to admins and managers, who will be given the opportunity to approve or deny the request.

  • Shift swaps. Employees can organise their own cover by arranging shift swaps with their co-workers. If both employees agree to a shift swap, the admins and managers will be notified and given the opportunity to approve or deny the swap.

  • Add availability patterns. Employees can indicate their preferred availability, which will be shown on the rota. This does not limit the admin or manager's ability to schedule shifts when an employee has indicated they'd prefer not to work.

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