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Setting up Employee Groups

Groups help you categorise your employees into sections such as their department or team.

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Employees can be placed into Groups to help with organising your rotas and employee lists, making them easier to read.

Groups will be shown as subheadings on the Employees List, as well as optionally on the Rota. If displayed on the rota, then you can also see cost and hours summaries for each Group, in addition to the whole Location.

Creating Groups

You can create Groups, rename them, customise their order and delete them by clicking on the 'Edit Groups' button at the top of the Company > Employees page.

Add a new Group with the blue plus icon. You can tap on a group's name to change it, or click-and-drag the arrows to the left of the group's name to move the groups into your preferred order. Click on the red 'x' to delete a group.

An image of the Groups page on the Desktop version of RotaCloud.

To assign an employee to a group, head to their Employee Profile page. Here, you can use the drop-down menu to assign a group, or quickly create a new one for them from this page.

An image of an employee's profile on the Desktop version of RotaCloud. The selected Group, 'Office' is highlighted.

Viewing Groups


Your Company > Employees page will arrange staff into the Groups that you've created automatically, and their order will match the one that you've set on the groups page.

You can optionally enable grouping on the rota, by opening the Tools menu, and selecting 'Employee Grouping'. You can choose to group employees on the rota by their Default Role, or their Group.

An image of the Employee Grouping menu on the Rotas page of the Desktop version of RotaCloud. After clicking 'Tools' and then 'Employee Grouping', this window is shown allowing you to select your grouping method from the drop-down menu.

Note: Changing your employee grouping settings will affect all users on your account.


You can enable grouping on the rota of the mobile app, by heading to the Grid View of the rota, and tapping on the Sort & Filter icon.

In the Sort & Filter menu, tap the switch to enable Groups displaying on the rota:

The Sort & Filter button is depicted with a funnel icon in the upper-right corner of the Grid View of the rota.

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