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Printing rotas

If you need a paper copy of your rota, you can print it via RotaCloud

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To print the weekly rota, click the Tools button and select Print Rota from the drop-down.

You'll be given a few options for customising the print-out.

When you have all the options set as you need, click Print.

Printing a monthly rota

If you need to print a period longer than one week, we recommend using the Employee Totals report to do this instead.

Using this, you can filter the data by date range, Employees, Location or Role as preferred. The report will show an overview of staff's shifts, plus their total hours and costs in a list format. You can print it using the icon in the top-right-corner of the report.

Or alternatively you can export it as CSV file by clicking the Download icon located next to the Print icon (as shown below) to edit the data as needed, prior to printing.

Making leave display on printed rotas

Google Chrome

Click Print Rota -> Print. Go to Options → Tick the box where it says "Background graphics". Then click Print.


Click Print Rota → Print. Go to File → Page Setup → Formats & Options → Tick the box where it says "Print background (images & colours)". Then click Print.

Internet Explorer

Click Print Rota → Print. Go to the Printer Icon → Print Preview → Settings Icon → Tick the box where it says "Print Background Colours and Images". Then click Print.

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