Showing Shifts from Other Locations

If you have multiple Locations, RotaCloud can show shifts from all locations on each rota to help prevent clashes.

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To show shifts from other locations on each of your Rota pages, head to your Account Settings by clicking the cog icon in the top right corner. Next, check the box labelled 'Show shifts from other locations on each rota' under Rota Settings.

A screenshot of the Settings page of the RotaCloud desktop app, with the 'Show shifts from other locations' checkboxes highlighted.

To show open shifts from other locations, check the box labelled 'Show open shifts from other locations on each rota'.


On the Rotas page, scheduled shifts for the current Location selected will show in bold black text if published, or grey text if unpublished. Shifts scheduled in other locations will appear in italics - to see that shift’s location, simply hover your mouse over it.

A screenshot of the Rotas page on the Desktop version of RotaCloud, showing a shift from another location, when the mouse is held over the shift to show the Location's name.


On the RotaCloud app, shifts/open shifts from other locations will show the location’s name in dark blue, beneath the shift’s time and Role:

An example of a shift from another Location showing on the RotaCloud mobile app. The Location's name is shown at the bottom of the shift.

Please note that these settings will only apply for Admins and Managers.

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