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Time & Attendance - FAQs

The answers to your Time & Attendance-related queries

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Can I unlock a timesheet once it's been locked?

Yes - just click on the padlock above the timesheet.

Can I un-finalise a payroll once it's been finalised?

Yes - above the payroll report click on the Unfinalise Payroll button.

A member of staff says they clocked in/out but it hasn't appeared on the timesheet. What's going on?

When a member of staff enters their PIN on the terminal or uses their phone to clock in, they then need to click the shift they want to clock into. If they don't do this, they will not be clocked in and no record will be created on the timesheet.

A member of staff went to clock in/out but the system is prompting them to do the opposite. Why is this?

This is often because the member of staff's last clock-in/clock-out wasn't successful (or didn't happen at all). A clock-in must always be followed by a clock-out, and the system will not allow you to clock in if you haven't clocked out of your last shift.

The system does reset after 24 hours, so if an employee forgets to clock out, the system will allow them to clock into a new shift after 24 hours have elapsed.

A member of staff forgot to clock in/out. What do I do?

In this case, you can manually enter the data into the employee's timesheet. There is also a setting which allows your staff to manually edit their own timesheets - if this is enabled, the employee can enter the data themselves.

My terminal isn't working.

Ensure that the terminal software has access to the device's location. Location services will need to be enabled for the device itself, as well as the Terminal app.

If Location services are enabled and your terminal still isn't working, send us a live chat message!

I pay my staff different hourly rates for overtime. Can I account for this?

You can! Just go into the Wage/Salary section of the Employee's profile - you can set an Overtime Rate there.

I don't want to pay my staff until their shift starts/finishes.

Go to Options (Cog button in top-right) → Settings and scroll down to Time & Attendance. Ensure the 'Early Clock Ins Paid' is set to 'From start of shift' and not 'From time of clock-in'. There's also a similar option for Late Clock Outs.

Can I customise how early my staff can clock in?

Yes - go to Options → Settings and scroll down to Time & Attendance. Use the 'Early Clock Ins Allowed' drop-down menu to select the length of the clock-in window before the shift's planned start time.

Can I change my PIN?

You can - go to Options (Cog button in the top-right) and then Clocking In.

Can I change a staff member's PIN?

Yes — at the top of each employee's profile page, next to their name, you'll see a Set Clocking In PIN button that'll allow you to set a new PIN.

Can I set up location-based restrictions for clocking in?

Yes. Go to Company → Locations and click the Location you want to restrict. 

Next, enter an address. A map should appear - you can drag the red pin around to make sure it is in the correct location. Then, set the distance you'd like employees to be able to clock in from, and click Save.

Can someone clock in without a shift scheduled?

Yes - you can enable clocking in without a shift in your Company Settings, timesheet records can also be added manually, even when there is no shift scheduled.

Can I disable this for certain employees?

Not yet, but we may introduce this in the future. Keep an eye on the Product Updates section.

Does RotaCloud integrate with any payroll software, such as Xero or Sage?

RotaCloud doesn't currently offer a direct integration with any payroll software. However you can download your payroll report as a CSV file to be shared with your payroll provider.

Can I change my pay period?

Yes, but bear in mind that you may lose manually added payroll data.

  1. Click the Cog icon in the top-right corner

  2. Click Settings in the left-side menu

  3. Scroll down to Time & Attendance

  4. Under Pay Frequency, click Change

  5. Follow the on-screen instructions

Can I prevent my staff from closing the terminal on my iPad/Android tablet?

You can.

iPad (iOS 6 or later):

  • Open Settings and tap General

  • Find Accessibility and tap it. Then go to the Learning section and tap Guided Access

  • Flip the switch to ON, then tap Set Passcode.

  • Choose a passcode. This will be the one you use to 'escape' from the terminal, and should only be known to managers/admins

  • Launch the Terminal

  • Press the Home button quickly three times and tap Guided Access

  • To escape, quickly press the Home button three times and enter the Guided Access passcode you set

Android (Version 5.0 'Lollipop' or later):

  • Open Settings and go to Security

  • Scroll down and tap Screen pinning

  • Slide the switch to On

  • Launch the Terminal

  • Press the Overview (multitasking) button

  • Press the Pin icon on the Terminal window

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