Pay periods define the frequency with which your payroll reports are run. You can choose from the following:

  • Weekly

  • Bi-weekly

  • Four-weekly

  • Monthly

  • Twice-monthly

  • Last (x) of the month

  • Second to last (x) of the month

  • 4/4/5

Monthly and twice-monthly pay periods do not calculate overtime automatically. Please contact Customer Support if you run a monthly or twice-monthly pay period and want to calculate overtime automatically. 

To edit a pay period, go to your Account Settings and scroll down to Time & Attendance. Here you can click the 'Change Frequency' button.

Note: Changing your pay frequency will not delete your individual attendance records. However, your past Timesheets and Payroll Exports under the old format will no longer be accessible.

If you've made any manual changes to these; such as Hours Paid, Overtime, or Total Pay, then these changes will be lost on the new timesheets and payroll reports.

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