Mobile clocking in lets employees use the RotaCloud mobile app to clock in and out of their shifts. The app is available to download on iOS and Android.

You can enable mobile clocking in during the initial set up of Time & Attendance. Alternatively, go to your Settings (the cog icon) and scroll down to the Time & Attendance section. Here you need to tick 'Employees can clock in using their mobile device'.

Mobile clocking in will automatically track an employee's location using their phone's GPS service. Each record on the timesheet will include a map of where the employee clocked in from.

Clocking In

When you or your staff a shift scheduled, they will see a Clock In button in the app alongside details of their shift time, role and location.

By clicking the Clock In button, the user clocks into that shift. You can optionally allow staff to clock in even without a scheduled shift on the rota.

Clocking Out

If a user is clocked in, then they will see a Clock Out button. Simply tap it and confirm to clock out.

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