Admins and Managers (who have timesheet permissions enabled) can add and edit timesheet records on the Attendance page. 

Timesheets are interactive, so you can manually correct or add a clock/out in time if the employee has forgotten to do so by typing the times in. 

You can also create a clocking in record for a shift on the rota by clicking the green plus icon when shifts are displayed on the timesheets.

If you want employees to be able to manually edit their own timesheets, you can enable this option under Settings → Time and Attendance.

If you need to edit the figure in the 'Hours Paid' column, this can be done manually by over-typing the times already there, or by simply typing in a figure if there isn't one populated.

Any timesheet record added by an employee requires admin or manager approval. 

To approve a timesheet, click on the employee's name in the Attendance section to view their timesheet, and click the Approve button at the top of the page.

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