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The Who’s In Report

Get an overview of where people are in your business today.

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N.B. The Who’s In report is a feature of our Time & Attendance package.

The Who’s In report will give you a detailed view of the daily whereabouts of your staff. You’ll find it in the report under the Time & Attendance heading on the Reports page.

The report will show all staff, sorted by Location, who are due in today. You can clearly see who’s currently clocked in, as well as those due in later. Staff who are currently clocked in will show Clocked In in green. If their shift’s start time has passed and they’ve not clocked in, they’ll show as Late in red. If their shift hasn’t started yet, they’ll be marked as Not Started in grey.

This is an easy way to keep track of anyone who’s forgotten to clock in, and is an easy place to check any lateness or absence for today, or who’s due in later.

To the right of the report, you can compare their scheduled start time with their actual clocking in time. Any earliness will be highlighted with an orange warning triangle, and late clock ins with a red one. If any employee is currently clocked into a break, you’ll see when they started that break in the last column.

You can use the filters at the top of the report to look at particular Employees, Locations and Roles, and use the drop-down menu to filter out particular statuses e.g. if you’re only interested in those who are late.

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