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Annual leave on timesheets

How employee holiday is displayed, managed and tracked on timesheets

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Annual leave is automatically fed onto timesheets. 

You can set up each employee with different pay rates for their holiday and sickness via their employee profiles on the Company → Employees page. By default the system will use their standard hourly rate.

Leave is tracked in hours unless an employee is salaried and has their leave allowance set in days. 

In this case, leave is tracked on a daily rate, with unpaid leave deducted from an employee's pay.

Each leave record on the timesheet will need hours assigning to it. 

You can assign hours via the Hours column on the employee's timesheet or by clicking the three dots icon on the leave record and assigning a daily amount of hours.

Annual leave can be paid or unpaid. Leave will interact differently with payroll depending on whether the employee is salaried or on an hourly rate.

Salaried employees will receive pay deductions for unpaid leave using a daily rate. 

Hourly rated employees will gain additional pay for paid leave using an hourly rate.

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