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How to clock in and out using a fixed Terminal in the workplace

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Getting started

When your company creates its first Terminal, you will receive a PIN by email. Don't worry if you lose or forget it - you can find and change your PIN easily - see "Finding and Changing your PIN".

With this PIN, you will be able to clock into and out of your shifts using a RotaCloud terminal, set up by your manager.

You should keep your PIN secret. If anyone else discovers your PIN, they will be able to clock you in and out of shifts, potentially affecting your pay.

If you suspect someone has discovered your PIN, follow the instructions in "Finding and Changing your PIN" to create a new PIN.

Clocking In

To clock into your shift, simply go to the Terminal and key in your PIN. 

Your scheduled shift will then appear on screen - click or tap it to confirm the shift you're clocking into.

Note - simply entering your PIN does not clock you in! You must also select the shift you want to clock into.

Clocking Out

To clock out of your shift, just go to the Terminal and key in your PIN. 

The system will then confirm when you have clocked out.

What happens if I forget to clock in/out?

This may cause issues with your next clock in or clock out, since they must come in pairs. If you forget to clock in or out, you should contact your manager or system administrator, who will be able to edit your timesheet manually.

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