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How to clock in and out using your smartphone via an app

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Please note that your employer or manager may have disabled mobile clock-in.

Getting started

If you have an iPhone or Android phone, you can download our free RotaCloud app and use it to clock into and out of your shifts.

Please know that RotaCloud only supports version 8 and onwards, for Android devices. And version 11 and onwards for iOS devices.

If you are running any older versions of the app, then you may need to update your software on your device and/or ensure that your device model is not out-dated.

Once you've downloaded the app and signed into your RotaCloud account, you're ready to go!

The RotaCloud app requires you to grant permission to access your device's Location.

Clocking In

When you have a shift scheduled, you will see a Clock In button in the app.

To clock in, simply tap on this button, then tap again to confirm the shift you want to clock into.

A GIF showing the clocking in process, using the RotaCloud mobile app.

Clocking Out

If you've clocked in, then the next time you open the app you will see a Clock Out button. Simply tap it, and confirm, to clock out.


What happens if I forget to clock in/out?

This may cause issues with your next clock in or out, since they must come in pairs. If you forget to clock in or out, you should contact your manager who will be able to edit your timesheet manually.

Reminders can also be set up to help remind you to clock in and out of your shifts. They can be sent by email, as a smartphone notification, or SMS alerts.

Why does the app say that I can't clock in from my location?

Your account’s administrator has the ability to restrict clock-ins to within a certain distance of the workplace, or from the workplace WiFi. If your phone reports your location to be outside of this distance, or you are not connected to the work WiFi, you would not be able to clock in.

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