If you need to remove an employee from the rota, you have two options: enter a final working date into their profile, or delete their profile.

Final Working Dates

To enter a Final Working Date into an employee profile, go to Company → Employees and click the employee's name. Then choose a Final Working Date and click Save.

If you use this method:

  • The employee will still be counted towards your pricing plan

  • They'll still be able to log into the system

  • They'll be hidden from the rota after their final working date

  • None of their shifts, leave, or other data will be removed

Deleting Employee Profiles

To delete an employee profile, go to Company → Employees, find the employee's name in the list, and click the red cross.

If you use this method:

  • The employee will not be counted towards your pricing plan on your next billing date

  • They won't be able to log into the system

  • They'll be removed from the rota starting the day they were deleted

  • Their future shifts will be deleted permanently

  • Their past shifts will be available on the rota, and reports

  • Their stored Documents will be archived, but will be recovered if you reinstate the employee later

  • All their leave records will be available on the Leave page and the employee's timesheet, unless 'Delete all future leave records' is ticked upon deletion of employee profile

  • The employee's past timesheets will be available

Deleting Employee's Future Leave

When you go to delete an employee by clicking on the red cross, you will be asked if you wish to delete all of their scheduled future leave.

To delete all future leave, simply tick this box and click OK. If you don't wish to action this, you can leave the option un-ticked to retain future leave records.

You can always manually delete any future leave later on for the employee in the Leave tab.

People HR/breatheHR Integration

If you use the HR software packages People HR, or breatheHR, and integrate them with RotaCloud, the entering of final working date and deletion of Employees is handled in these pieces of software, rather than in RotaCloud itself.

For more information on removing employees in these packages, please refer to their own documentation.

For more information on integration with People HR and breatheHR, please see the following help articles:

Customer Support are also able to remove employees from your account. If you run into any problems, please don't hesitate to contact us via the Live Chat and we'll be happy to help!

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