Where is the app available?

The RotaCloud app is available to download for free for iOS and Android devices, through the App Store and Google Play Store respectively.

The RotaCloud app isn't available for any other smartphone platforms (e.g. Windows Phone, BlackBerry OS).

You can download the app here.

What's required to use the app?

Other than an Android or iOS device, the RotaCloud app requires an active data connection (e.g. 4G or WiFi), as well as GPS/location services if clocking in and out of shifts.

Why do I need to enable GPS to use the app?

The app requires GPS to support RotaCloud's clocking-in functionality - the app will use your location data upon clocking in and out to log your location.

Setting up the app

Once you have the app installed, you just need to log into it using your email address and RotaCloud password.

If you don't have a RotaCloud account yet, and you're an employee, get in touch with your manager who can invite you to create an account. Don’t use the Sign Up option if you’re an employee - this is for creating new company accounts.

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