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Requesting Unavailability/Dropping shifts
Requesting Unavailability/Dropping shifts

How to make a request to be unavailable for one of your shifts.

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Please note: This feature is optional and may have been disabled by your account’s Administrator.

The Drop Shift tool allows you to put in a request to your manager to drop a shift from your rota. If accepted, the shift can be made into an Open Shift, allowing a colleague to claim it.

On the rota, you can select a shift that you’d prefer to not work, and send a message to your manager explaining why.

Making an a Shift Drop request


When viewing the Rota on a Desktop, click on the shift itself to be shown your choices when it comes to requesting cover.

Click the option ‘Request Shift Drop' to make a request. Next, enter a message to your manager to attach to the request.

When you’re ready, click ‘Request Shift Drop’ again and your Manager will receive a notification in RotaCloud to approve/deny your request.


On the RotaCloud mobile app, you can tap on the shift in question on the Dashboard, Rotas or Shifts pages. In all cases, tapping the shift will bring up the Shift Information sheet. Here, tap the three dots in the upper right corner, before tapping ‘Ask to drop shift’.

A GIF of the process of requesting to drop a shift in the RotaCloud app. The shift is tapped to show the 'Shift Information' screen. The three dots in the upper-right are then tapped, then 'Ask to drop shift'. A note is typed before tapping 'Submit request'.

This will take you to the Drop shift page, where you write your message. When you’ve done this, tap ’Submit request’ to send this request to your Manager.

Manager approval

The request will then be sent to your manager to be approved or denied, which they handle using their own RotaCloud app, or the desktop website.

What happens if the request is approved?

If your Manager approves, then you will be notified of this. The shift will automatically be moved from your Rota to the Open Shifts row, where a colleague is welcome to claim it. The shift will be marked with a green unavailability icon to denote an approved request.

What happens if the request is denied?

If the request is denied, then no changes will be made on the rota. You will be notified that the swap’s been denied, and the shift will show on the rota with a red unavailability icon, denoting a denied request.

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