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Employee Document Signing

Allow your staff to digitally sign documents that you share with them.

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Note: Document Storage and Signing is a feature of RotaCloud Pro.

Documents saved on an employee’s profile can be digitally signed within RotaCloud. This tool is perfect for use during onboarding for employee contracts, or for HR procedures such as disciplinary notices.

Employee Documents are stored on an employee’s profile page. Click ‘Company’, and then ‘Employees’ to load your employee list, and click on an employee’s name to load their profile. Then, select the ‘Documents’ tab to load their Document list.

An image of an employee's Documents page on RotaCloud, with no documents uploaded.

Uploading a Document to be signed

Upload a new document by clicking the blue plus icon, and choose the file from your computer.

For an employee to be able to sign the document, it needs to be visible to them. To enable this, select ‘Share this document with employee’. When this is selected, the document will be accessible to the employee once uploaded, and the option to request a signature will be shown. Next, select ’This document requires a signature’. When you’re done, click ‘Upload’.

Once uploaded, the document will show in the employee’s document list. In the ‘Status’ column, any document that is yet to be signed will show ‘Pending signature’.

An image of an employee's Documents page on RotaCloud, showing that a signature is pending for one document.

Signing the document

The Employee will receive a notification by email that they have a document that requires signing. In addition to this, if the document remains unsigned, they’ll receive reminders after 1, 5 and 7 days.

Note: The notifications are sent by email only. It is not possible for employees to disable these emails in their Notifications Settings page.

A screenshot of the email that an employee will receive when a document requires signing in RotaCloud.

To sign the document, the employee can click on the link in the email to be taken straight to RotaCloud. They can also view any documents that have been shared with them by clicking ‘Documents’ at the top of the RotaCloud web app. Here, they’ll see a blue ‘Sign’ link next to any document that is expecting a signature. The employee can click on the document’s name to view or download it.

A screenshot of an employee's Documents list on RotaCloud, showing the 'Sign' link allowing them to sign their contract.

The employee will then be shown the ‘Sign document’ window. Here, they type their full name into the text box, and click ‘Sign document’ to complete it.

A screenshot of the document signing page in RotaCloud, where an employee enters their signature before signing.

The document will then be digitally signed and securely stored. When the employee clicks ‘Sign’, they can optionally provide their device’s location in order to improve the reliability of the signature, however it is not a mandatory requirement.

Note: Document Signing can only be completed in a web browser.

Reviewing signatures

Once signed, Administrators will be emailed informing them that a signature has been received. The email will contain the date and time of when the signature was made.

A screenshot of the email an Admin receives when an employee has signed a document in RotaCloud.

On the employee’s Documents page, the status column will update with the date and time that the signature was made. The document’s name can be clicked to show more information about the document in general, as well as show what name was typed at the time of signing.

A screenshot of an Admin's view of an employee's documents list, showing the date and time a signature was received.
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