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Company Document Acknowledgement

Have your staff formally acknowledge that they’ve seen and understood documents that you’ve shared with them.

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Note: Document Storage and Acknowledgement is a feature of RotaCloud Pro.

Company Documents, that are accessible to multiple employees, can be set up to require a formal acknowledgement from all recipients. To upload a Company Document, head to your Company > Documents page.

Uploading a Document for Acknowledgement

To upload a new document, click the blue plus icon at the top of the page. Select ‘Choose file’ and select the file from your computer that you wish to upload. If you need to upload multiple documents, click ‘Add another file’ to upload another at the same time.

Next, under Visibility, select ‘Custom (selected employees)’ and tick the employees who you want to have access to the file.

Note: Document Acknowledgement requires that a file is shared with a custom list of employees, and is not a Public or Private document. Once uploaded, the visibility settings of this document will no longer be editable.

Once uploaded, the document’s acknowledgement status will show in your documents list. If employees are still yet to acknowledge it, ‘Employees Pending’ will be shown.

A screenshot of the Company Documents page in RotaCloud, showing an uploaded document with acknowledgement from employees still pending.

This link can be clicked to see a rundown of who has and hasn’t acknowledged the document.

Employee Acknowledgement

The Employee will receive a notification by email that they have a document that requires acknowledgement. In addition to this, if the document remains unacknowledged, they’ll receive reminders after 1, 5 and 7 days.

Note: The notifications are sent by email only. It is not possible for employees to disable these emails in their Notifications Settings page.

A screenshot of the email an employee receives when a document requires acknowledgement in RotaCloud.

To acknowledge the document, the employee can click on the link in the email to be taken straight to RotaCloud. They can also view any documents that have been shared with them by clicking ‘Documents’ at the top of the RotaCloud web app. Here, they’ll see a blue ‘Acknowledge’ link next to any document that requires it. The employee can click on the document’s name to view or download it.

A screenshot of an employee's Documents page, showing the 'Acknowledge' link for one document.

When the employee clicks acknowledge, they’ll be shown a confirmation message, and can then click ‘I acknowledge’ to complete.

A screenshot of the document acknowledgement screen, where an employee acknowledges they've understood a received document.

Once done, the document will show in the employee’s document list as Acknowledged.

Checking the status of document acknowledgement

Admins will receive a notification when documents are acknowledged, and can view the status of the documents on their Documents page. In the status column, ‘Employees Pending’ will show until all staff have acknowledged the document, at which point, ‘Employees Acknowledged’ will be displayed.

You can check on the status of the document at any time by clicking on the Status. You’ll be shown a popup window listing everyone who has acknowledged the document, and everyone who has yet to do so.

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