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Enabling clocking in without shifts

How to manage your staff clocking in when there’s no shift for them on the rota.

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In RotaCloud, typically staff require a shift on the rota to be able to clock in. However, if you need staff to be able to clock in at a moment’s notice, without any shift there, then you can enable ‘Clock In Without Shift’ in your account settings:

Enabling this setting will add a new button to staff’s Dashboards, or the Terminal screen, reading ‘Clock In Without Shift’. This will allow staff to clock in with no shift, role or location, and start logging their hours. These shifts will show a special icon on the timesheet, reading ‘Not linked with a scheduled shift’.

When changing this setting, you have 3 options; Always, Never and Only when there are no shifts to clock into

If set to Always, then the ‘Clock In Without Shift’ button will always show, sometimes alongside the ‘Clock In’ button for their scheduled shift. If you find that staff are clocking in without shift at the wrong times, then we recommend setting it to ‘Only when there are no shifts to clock into’.

Note: If a staff member tries to clock in too early for a shift (earlier than the time specified under the Early Clock Ins Allowed setting), then they will be given the option to Clock In Without Shift. 

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