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Prorating holiday allowances

How to prorate staff's holiday allowance based on start date and final working date

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A prorated holiday allowance is a reduced allocation from the full-year's figure. This adjustment is typically made when an employee starts working part way through the Leave Year or leaves before its completion.

Prorating holiday allowances in RotaCloud

RotaCloud provides an automatic prorating feature for staff holiday allowances based on their start date and final working date. On the Leave page, the Holiday Allowance column displays an asterisk (*) next to the prorated allowance for each employee. Hovering over the figure will reveal the reason for the adjustment.

A screenshot of various leave allowances in RotaCloud, with one that has been prorated. The prorated allowance is denoted by an asterisk.

Disabling automatic prorating

Disabling the automatic prorating feature is optional. To do so, navigate to your Account Settings by clicking the cog icon in the blue navigation bar. Scroll down to the Leave section and uncheck the box labelled "Prorate holiday allowances based on start date and final working date." Once disabled, your staff's holiday allowances will no longer be adjusted automatically.

A screenshot of the Leave Settings in the Settings page of RotaCloud. The setting for disabling automatic prorating of allowances is highlighted with an arrow.

Prorating and holiday accrual

If you have staff members who accrue holiday, and you have enabled the prorating feature, both calculations will occur simultaneously. As a result, the employee's balance may be lower than expected.

To prevent this, you have two options. First, you can follow the steps mentioned above to disable the prorate setting. Alternatively, you can remove the start date or final working date from the employee's profile. By doing so, the holiday allowance for that employee will no longer be prorated, while allowances for other employees with specified start and end dates will still be adjusted accordingly.

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