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Why haven't my staff's accrued holiday balances updated?
Why haven't my staff's accrued holiday balances updated?
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If you believe that your staff's accrued holiday balances have not been updated, it's important to check whether any recent Pay Periods have been finalised as part of the typical RotaCloud payroll process. This article will guide you through the steps to ensure accurate holiday balance updates.

How to finalise a Pay Period

  • Start by navigating to the Attendance page.

  • Ensure that your staff's timesheets have been filled out and approved for the pay period.

  • Lock the timesheets by clicking the padlock icon in the upper left corner of the Attendance page. This prevents any further accidental changes (Note: You can unlock the timesheets by clicking the same button if needed).

A screenshot highlighting the lock/unlock button on the Attendance page.
  • Click "Go to Payroll."

A screenshot highlighting the 'Go to Payroll' button on the attendance page.

  • You'll be directed to the Payroll Export report.

  • Review the pay period and payroll figures.

  • When you're satisfied, click "Finalise Payroll. A pop-up menu will summarise the holiday hours earned by each accruing employee based on their hours worked.

    • To view this summary without finalising the payroll, click the "View holiday accrual" link at the top of the Payroll report. The figures displayed here cannot be edited. The "Hours worked" figure can be updated by changing the employee's timesheet, while the "Holiday hours accrued" figure depends on the Holiday Accrual Rate.

A screenshot of the Holiday accrual summary screen, containing three employees with differing hours worked, and holiday accrued.

Finalising the payroll will immediately update the balances of the listed employees.

How to check that a Pay Period hasn’t been unfinalised

It's important to verify that a Pay Period hasn't been unfinalised after previously being finalised. If a Payroll Report is unfinalised, the accrued leave will be removed from employees' balances.

A screenshot of the screen shown when unfinalising a pay period, when unfinalising will remove accrued holiday. Three employees are shown next to the amount of holiday that will be deducted.

To check the status of a Pay Period:

  • Go to the Attendance page.

  • Click on the Pay Period dates in the upper left-hand corner to open the drop-down menu.

  • Review the status of each period:

    • A tick icon indicates that the period is finalised.

    • A lock icon indicates that the timesheet is locked, but the period is unfinalised.

    • No icon is shown if the period is neither locked nor finalised.

A screenshot showing the three states that a pay period can be in on the attendance page. Two periods are unlocked, one is locked, and the remainder are finalised.

Why can’t I finalise my Pay Period?

To finalise a Pay Period and update staff's accrued holiday balances, the timesheet must be locked. If you attempt to finalise the pay period before locking the timesheet, you'll receive an error message.

A screenshot of the error message 'You cannot finalise a pay period until the timesheet has been locked'.

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