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See who else is on Leave when adding more to the system
See who else is on Leave when adding more to the system

How to easily check potential leave clashes when adding leave or responding to a holiday request

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You can quickly see how leave that you’re adding or approving affects the rest of your business with the ‘Who’s on Leave’ feature.

Here, the full 'Who's on Leave' calendar shows immediately when opening an employee's holiday request. The full details of the request are on the left, and the calendar is shown to the right, helping you make an informed decision on how to process the request.

This page is accessible when adding leave, and also when you're responding to an employee's leave request. All leave types are available to Administrators and Managers.

If you've allowed employees to see each other's Holiday, Other Leave and TOIL in your account, then employees can also view their colleagues' holidays on this page when making a request.

Accessing the Who’s on Leave calendar


On the web, the Who’s on Leave calendar will be automatically shown when adding leave, or responding to a leave request. Employees will only be able to see this if you’ve allowed them to see each others’ holidays and public holidays in your Settings menu:

The setting reads 'Employees can see each others holidays and public holidays on the rota and when viewing leave' and is located in the top-right of the Leave section of the Settings page.


On mobile, while completing the required fields on the Add Leave page, you’ll see a button labelled ‘See who else is on Leave’. Tap this button to be taken to the Who’s on Leave page. Similarly, when reviewing an incoming holiday request from an employee, the ‘See who else is on Leave’ button will be shown.

In the center of the page, 'See who else is on leave' is tapped to bring up the calendar. The current date is highlighted, alongside the full proposed leave, any other leave the employee has, and other employees who are on Leave at the same time.

What’s on the Who’s on Leave calendar?


The Who’s on Leave page shows a calendar summarising all leave that’s relevant to the leave that’s in the process of being added, followed by a more detailed list of the instances of leave themselves. You can move back and forth between months using the arrows to either side of the calendar.

Here, October 2023 and November 2023 are shown on a calendar. An instance of proposed leave is highlighted in grey from 9-15 October, people are on leave from 16-22 October, and there is already approved leave on 27-30 November.

Filtering by location

By default, all staff’s leave will be shown in this list. However, you can use the ‘All Locations’ button at the top of the page to choose to filter particular locations, showing only leave from those employees who are assigned to them.

The calendar

Next, a calendar will be shown. On the website, the current and the next month are shown, whereas on mobile only the current month is shown.

If you’ve already added the proposed start & end dates for the leave, then the calendar will start at the beginning of the proposed leave. Otherwise, the calendar will show today’s date.

On this calendar, any already-approved leave for the same employee will be highlighted in blue, and the dates of the proposed leave will be highlighted in grey.

Any dates on which any other employee is on leave will have an icon beneath them, whereas any dates with no colleagues on leave will be blank.

An icon of a person will show underneath the date's number on the calendar.

Leave details

You can tap or click on any date on the calendar to learn more about the leave that’s already been entered on that day. Below the calendar, you'll see full details of all leave that's occurring on the selected date, sorted by Leave Type.

Here, a summary of the date and total number of staff on leave is shown first, with one employee sick and another employee on TOIL leave.

You can use the 'Search' box to search for any employee(s) in this list by name.

On mobile, tap the back arrow in the upper left corner to be taken back to the previous page, where you can continue adding, approving or denying the leave.

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