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Viewing the Shifts list on mobile
Viewing the Shifts list on mobile
Viewing your own shifts on your smartphone
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As well as being able to view the full rota on the Rotas tab, you’re also able to view a more concise list of your own shifts on the Shifts tab.

If you’re a Manager or Admin, you can use this page to view anyone on your team’s shifts.

To view the shift list in RotaCloud, click on the Shifts tab along the bottom of your screen.

Here, all of your shifts will be shown from today, in chronological order. If you’re an Admin or Manager, tap the employee’s name in the top-left corner to switch to another employee.

You’ll also be able to see any days on which you’re on leave, or have the day off:

You can tap ‘Back to Today’ to quickly jump back to the top of the list, and tap the calendar icon in the top-right corner to move to another date. With the calendar open, any days on which you have shifts or leave will be highlighted with an icon. Days will show with a square, triangle, or both icons beneath them if there are shifts, leave or both on the days, respectively.

A screenshot of the Shifts calendar on the RotaCloud app, with several weeks of Shifts and one week of Leave marked with circle and triangle icons, respectively..

Open Shifts

If there are any shifts available for you to claim, ‘Open shift available’ will show at the bottom of that day. Tap this to show all shifts that are available for you to claim.

A GIF of the Shifts page on the RotaCloud mobile app; opening the Open Shifts list for a date, tapping an Open Shifts, and claiming it.

Tap on the shift to see more information about it, and if you want to claim it, you can tap 'Claim Open Shift'. Please be aware you will not be able to claim a shift if you have a clashing shift, or if you are not assigned to work that particular Role.

Shift Actions

Tap on any of your own shifts to read more information about it, including the break time and how many paid hours the shift is worth. It’s on this page that you can also ask to drop the shift, such as if you’re unavailable or want to swap it with a colleague.

A screenshot of the Shifts page in the RotaCloud mobile app, with the Shift Actions page open, showing more details about the shift and the 'Request shift swap' button.

Please note: Unavailability and shift swaps may be something that has been disabled by your Account Owner.


You’re able to see your availability alongside each date on your Shifts page. To do this, tap the ‘Sort & filter’ icon in the top right corner. Here, you can show or hide your Availability at any time.

A GIF of how to show Availability on the Shifts page of the RotaCloud mobile app by tapping the 'Sort and filter' icon, then switching Availability on, then tapping 'Apply'.

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