You can export a live feed of your shifts into Apple Calendar by completing the following steps:

Choose Tools → Calendar Feed.

A pop-up will display with a link - once copied over,  the feed will automatically publish and update shifts from the rota on your calendar software.


You can also create a feed of your Leave, or — if you’re an Admin — all Leave on the system, for your chosen calendar software. On the Leave page, in the Tools menu, you’ll find the Calendar Feed tool.

In the same way as creating a feed for shifts, you can choose whether you want to create a feed for all Leave, or just your own, using the drop-down menu. The generated link will be shown to the right, for you to copy.

Adding to Apple Calendar

On the desktop, open Apple Calendar, select File and New Calendar Subscription.

Then all you need to do is paste the link generated from RotaCloud into the Calendar URL field.

And that's it! Now your shifts will show in your Apple Calendar.

On iPhone

If you are iPhone user, go to Settings> Accounts & Passwords on your device, and select 'Add Account'. 

Click 'Other' then 'Add Subscribed Calendar'. Here you can paste the URL generated from Calendar Feed option under 'Tools' on the rota - this will then feed through to your calendar on your iPhone.

Please note: The iCal feed can take up to 24 hours to synchronise with your rota and update your calendar with any changes.

Please note: accessing the Tools menu is only available on the desktop version of RotaCloud

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