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Handy shortcuts and top tips to help speed up your rota planning

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Keyboard Shortcuts

The following is a list of all keyboard shortcuts usable in the Rota page in RotaCloud, to help you to speed up shift creation:

←, β†’ Arrow Keys

Change dates on the Dashboard, Rotas & Leave pages.


Skips the confirmation pop-up message for Deleting Shifts and Publishing Weeks.


Press L while dragging/copying a shift to cycle Locations on your Rota.

O (Hold)

Hold O while clicking shifts on your Rota to immediately Move to Open Shifts.

P (Hold)

Hold P while clicking shifts on your Rota to immediately Publish.

Shift (Hold)

Hold Shift while dragging shifts around your Rota to copy, rather than Move a shift.

X (Hold)

Hold X while clicking shifts on your Rota to immediately Delete the shift.

Number (Hold)

Hold a number key, e.g '3', and click an existing Open Shift to add that many duplicate shifts to it.

Quick-publish your shifts

You can use the Quick Publish tool, under the Publish drop-down menu at the top of the rota page, to quickly publish/unpublish multiple shifts in one go. This tool allows you to click on specific shifts, days or employees that you want to publish or unpublish.

Once you have finished, click "Back to rota builder" at the top of the rota.

Updating your employee data in bulk

If you need to make any bulk changes to your staff's information, a helpful tip is to use our import tool. You can export your existing employee data via an CSV file and can make any amendments you need to, before then reimporting the updated file back onto the system.

This is a helpful time-saver if you need to make bulk changes to your staff's wages, assign staff to a Group, or update their holiday allowances for example, all in one go. Click here to learn more about importing data.

Bulk Actions

This time-saving tool is useful should you wish to make mass changes to multiple shifts at once, and saves you having to manually amend shifts one by one.

As part of our Pro package you can gain access to the Bulk Actions tool which allows you to perform various tasks including: bulk deleting shifts, bulk changing shift times, bulk moving shifts to a different Location or employee, bulk publishing shifts, and many more!

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