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Account structure

Using Locations and Roles to organise your staff and rotas

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Locations and Roles are the two main ways of structuring your account. Locations allow you to divide your account into multiple rotas, and Roles let you specify job types.


Locations are essentially separate rotas within your RotaCloud company account. You can have as many Locations as you like in your account, and each Employee can be a member of as many Locations as needed.

You can also use Locations to delegate rota planning responsibilities to managers. A good starting point is to look at your management structure and create a separate Location for each team.

Alternatively, if you have multiple sites, use a Location for each site.

To add, edit, and remove Locations, go to Company β†’ Locations.


Roles are essentially job titles or shift types. A good starting point when setting up Roles is to look at your job titles. You can have as many Roles in your account as you like, and each Employee can be assigned to as many Roles as necessary.

Roles are also independent of Locations, so staff who work across multiple Locations will have the same Roles for each Location.

Roles are used to specify which shifts each employee is able to work. This comes in handy when using Open Shifts and Shift Swaps, as well as during rota planning. Each shift can be given a Role, and an employee will only be able to work that shift if they're assigned to that Role.

To add, edit, and remove Roles, go to Company β†’ Roles.

I'm still not sure what to use as Locations or Roles

Here are a few quick tips for structuring your account:

  • If you only have one site, you can put everyone on the same Location.

  • If you have multiple departments on the same site, consider setting up each department with its own Location.

  • If you have multiple sites, you should set up each site with its own Location.

  • Start with your Roles as job titles.

  • Managers can be assigned to manage Locations but not roles. You could split locations based who you need to manage them.

Remember, you can always add or remove Locations and Roles later, so there's no need to set anything in stone to begin with.

If you need some specific advice on how to structure your account, we'd be happy to help - just send us a message through the live chat bubble.

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