Open Shifts are shifts that have not been assigned to a specific employee. 

You can create Open Shifts by clicking in the relevant blank cell, as you would with a normal shift.

You can also drag and drop an existing shift into the Open Shifts row at the top of the rota to make it an Open Shift, which will be then be displayed on the top of the rota.

Open Shifts can be claimed by any employee that has the same Role assigned in their profile that is attached to the shift itself.

They cannot be claimed by an employee that doesn’t have the respective Role, or isn’t assigned to work at the Location the shift is scheduled on.

Admin users and Managers with the ‘Create and edit rotas for locations they manage’ cannot claim Open Shifts as they can simply re-assign existing shifts to themselves if needed.

Staff can choose to be notified when Open Shifts are available, and you can also set up to receive notifications for when your employees have successfully claimed an Open Shift.

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