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How to assign or edit an employee's Default Role
How to assign or edit an employee's Default Role

The Default Role can be assigned and/or changed in an employee's personal profile

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What is the purpose of a Default Role?

Employees can be assigned to multiple Roles in their employee profiles. (To learn more about creating and assigning Roles click here). But you can then choose which of these assigned Roles you'd like to set as the employee's main Default Role.

The Default Role will appear as the employee's main role or job title.

This will be visible in Company > Employees, and on the rota page should you choose to categorise your employees via their Default Role. (To learn more about how to categorise employees by Role or Group on the rota page click here.)

How to assign or edit a Default Role

Open the employee's profile by going to Company > Employees and selecting their name.

In this section, locate the Default Role field and click the drop-down menu to see which Role(s) are currently assigned to the employee.

Select which Role out of this list you'd like to assign as the employee's Default Role, and then click Save at the bottom of the page.

You can always go back into this section at any time to change the employee's Default Role, if required.

(NB: Users can only be assigned one Default Role at a time).

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