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Managing your Availability on mobile
Managing your Availability on mobile

How to add and view your availability patterns using the RotaCloud app

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Availability allows you to indicate your work preferences so your employer can consider this when creating your rota.

Viewing your Availability

To see the Availability that you’ve set, open the menu in the upper-right corner of the RotaCloud app, and tap ‘My availability’.

On this page, you’ll see a calendar of the current month, with a quick summary of any availability or unavailability that’s already been added.

Tap on any day to see the full list of availability and unavailability below.

A screenshot of the Availability page on the RotaCloud mobile app. A calendar is shown with green and red highlights to denote availability or unavailability. The 22nd September is selected, and more information about that day's unavailability is shown below.

Setting Availability for a single day

To set your availability for a single day, tap that day on the calendar, tap the blue plus icon beneath the calendar, and then tap ‘This day only’.

You’ll then be presented with the ‘Create availability’ screen. Choose whether you want to add Availability or Unavailability. If you’d like to add specific times, then unselect the ‘All day’ toggle, and set the start time on the left, and the end time on the right.

If you have more than one period you’d like to add, use the grey plus icon to add another period below.

A GIF of the process of adding multiple times of unavailability to one day; adding the first time, then using the plus icon to add a second.

When you’ve entered all of the times that you need, tap ‘Create one-off’ to add it to your Availability Calendar.

Creating an Availability pattern

Setting up your pattern

Instead of adding Availability one day at a time, you can choose to create a repeating pattern if you have many days to add in one go.

To add a new pattern, tap on the date you’d like the pattern to start on the calendar. Tap the blue plus, and then tap ‘New repeating pattern’.

A screenshot of the Availability page on the RotaCloud mobile app. A start date for a new pattern has been selected, and the 'New repeating pattern' button is highlighted in the lower half of the screen.

The start date of the new pattern will match the date that was selected on the calendar, but you can change this if you like. Set the start and end dates, and the availability that you set below will apply between these two days.

Next, choose what length of repeating pattern you want to create. This can be one, two or four weeks. The pattern you set below will loop for as long as is necessary, until the end date is hit.

Setting each day’s availability

Now, tap each day to set up availability or unavailability on that day. Just like when adding a one-off, you can either set it for the whole day, or specific times of day.

When you’ve set up one day, you can move to the next day by tapping that day’s name. Days that have nothing set will have no icon under the day’s name. Those with unavailability will have a red cross, and those with availability will have a green tick.

Once you’ve entered your pattern, scroll down and tap ‘Create pattern’ at the bottom of the page. You’ll be returned to the availability calendar, and can see the new pattern that you’ve created immediately.

Note: Repeating patterns will overwrite any availability that is already on your calendar.

Editing Availability

You can edit any availability you’ve set, whether it was set up as a one-off, or part of a repeating pattern. To edit a day, tap it on the calendar, and then, using the 3 dots to open the menu, tap ‘Edit this day’.

You’ll then be shown the existing availability for that day, and you can make whatever changes you need to make. Tap ‘Update’ when you’re done.

Deleting Availability

You can delete any availability on that day by selecting it on the calendar, tapping the 3 dots to open the menu, and then tapping ‘Clear day’.

A screenshot of the Availability page in the RotaCloud mobile app, with a date selected on the calendar, and the red 'Clear day' button highlighted in the lower half of the screen.

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