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Holiday Accrual
Carrying over accrued holiday from a previous Leave Year
Carrying over accrued holiday from a previous Leave Year

How to bring an employee’s remaining holiday balance into your new Leave Year from the last one

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In RotaCloud, holiday allowances are allocated based on calendar years. You can set the start date of your Leave Year in the Leave section of your Settings menu.

Employees who accrue holiday will have their holiday balance reset to zero at the beginning of each new Leave Year. However, if you want staff to start with some accrued holiday, such as carrying forward accrued holiday from one year to the next, you can manually update an employee’s holiday balance at any time.

Calculating how much holiday will be carried over

You can view the amount of unused holidays from the previous year on the Leave page. At the top of the page, use the arrows on either side of the date to move back and forth between Leave Years. Click on the left arrow once to navigate to the previous year.

Here, you can review the remaining balance for all staff, including those who accrue holiday.

If all accrued and taken holidays have been correctly added to RotaCloud, the ‘Holiday remaining’ figure for each employee will represent the amount of unused holiday from that year. However, if there are any reasons why an employee would not carry forward the entire balance (such as a cap on the amount that can be carried over), you can use these figures to manually calculate their new starting balance for the year.

Updating your employees’ holiday balances

Once you have the necessary figures for each employee’s starting balance, it's time to add these balances to their profiles.

On the Leave page, make sure you’ve navigated back to the current Leave Year. You can edit each employee's allowance at any time by clicking on it.

Click on each employee's allowance and enter the calculated figure for them, before clicking 'Save'. The employee's allowance will be immediately updated.

This starting balance will be added to with any accrued holiday when you finalise each Pay Period, and deducted from when any holiday is added to RotaCloud.

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