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Setting up your account for leave

How to use the account settings to configure RotaCloud for your business’ leave needs

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The Settings menu allows you to configure RotaCloud’s leave tools to suit your business, including managing holiday balances and leave payment preferences. To access the Settings menu click the cog icon in the upper-right corner of the RotaCloud system.

You’ll find all of the relevant settings under the Leave heading on this page.

A screenshot of the Leave settings in RotaCloud.

Employees can make leave requests

By enabling this setting, employees will be able to request Holiday and Other Leave directly through the RotaCloud site or mobile app. If disabled, employees won't be able to submit requests, but administrators and managers can manually add leave to the system.

Prorate holiday allowances based on start date and final working date

Enabling this setting will prorate an employee's annual leave balance if their start date or final working date falls part-way through the leave year. By entering the typical full year's allowance, RotaCloud will automatically calculate the adjusted amount.

Employees cannot request holiday that exceeds their holiday allowance

When this setting is enabled, employees will receive an error message if they attempt to request a holiday that exceeds their remaining balance for the current leave year. However, administrators and managers can still manually add holidays that exceed the employee's annual balance.

Note: This setting only applies to employees whose holiday entitlement is calculated in days. Employees can only request holiday days, not hours.

Employees can see each other’s holiday and public holidays on the rota

Enabling this setting allows employees to view holidays and public holidays of other employees on the rotas they can access. If disabled, employees will only see their own leave.

Note: Employees cannot see their colleagues' leave of any other type at any time. They can see all types of their own leave at all times.

Allow employees to suggest hours when submitting leave requests

With this enabled, any employee who has a holiday allowance that's expressed in hours, rather than days, will be able to add Total/Daily Hours to their holiday request. These figures can be accepted as is, or edited while responding to their holiday request.

Leave year starts

Use these drop-down menus to select the day and month when your Leave Year starts each year. On this day, staff Holiday Allowances will reset to the figure that’s set on the Employee Details page of their Employee Profile, unless it has already been manually overridden on the Leave page.

Note: The leave year start date must be a recurring date each year and cannot be set to February 29th.

Leave request minimum notice

This setting allows you to specify the minimum number of days before the start date of leave that an employee can request.

Set default leave paid status

In this section, you can choose whether "Paid" or "Unpaid" is selected by default when adding leave of each type. This can save time when filling out the "Add Leave" form. However, the default selection can always be overridden by selecting the correct option in the form.

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