Leave for past employees

How to show/hide leave records and manage leave for former employees

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When an employee leaves your business and is deleted from your RotaCloud account, their leave data will be preserved in the system. Any past leave will remain visible on the Leave page, and will also be included in any relevant reports. This article provides instructions on how to show/hide leave records for former employees and manage their leave effectively.

Identifying Deleted Employees

Deleted employees will show in a pale grey colour if they have any leave (past or future) within the current Leave Year. They will remain visible on the page until the start of the next year in which they have no Leave logged in the system.

A screenshot showing a deleted employee on the Leave page. The deleted employee is in a grey tone, as opposed to the bold black of current employees.

Managing leave for former employees

Preserving past leave records

While you'll likely want to preserve any past leave records for former employees, any future leave that was added to RotaCloud but not taken may need to be deleted from the system.

Failure to delete such leave may result in inaccurate staff records, making it appear as if the employee took more leave than they actually did.

Deleting leave for former employees

If you need to delete leave for a former employee that was not or will not be taken, follow these steps:

From the Leave page

By default, RotaCloud shows deleted employees on the Leave page if they have leave added to RotaCloud in the year you're viewing. Deleted employees will be displayed in a pale grey colour.

You can show or hide these employees at any time by clicking on the ‘Tools’ menu and then selecting ‘Show/Hide deleted’.

A screenshot of the location of the 'Show/Hide Deleted' button in the Tools menu on the Leave page.

Once these former employees are visible on the Leave page, you can delete any instance of leave using the usual method.

While deleting an Employee

When removing an employee from RotaCloud, you'll have the option to delete all future leave immediately at the moment of deletion.

Selecting this option can save you time in removing any leave that will not be taken and should, therefore, be removed from the system.

A screenshot of the prompt shown when deleting an employee offering to delete that employee's future leave records. The checkbox has been selected, meaning that this employee's future leave will be deleted along with them.
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