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Integrations and Leave in RotaCloud

How to manage Leave when your RotaCloud account is integrated with People HR or breatheHR

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RotaCloud offers integration with two HR software packages: People HR and breatheHR. This integration allows for seamless rota planning alongside your HR system. When integrating RotaCloud with either of these systems, there are changes to how Leave is managed.

People HR

Adding and viewing Leave

When integrated with People HR, holidays and other types of leave are added and synced to RotaCloud.

Leave data will be synchronised between the two systems approximately every 2-3 hours. Once synced, it will appear on the Leave, Rotas and Attendance pages, and in Reports within RotaCloud.

Deleting Leave

While it is possible to delete leave instances in RotaCloud, it is not recommended as the leave will reappear in the account during the next sync. To properly delete leave, it should be done in People HR, and the removal will be reflected in RotaCloud after the next sync.


Adding and viewing Leave

When integrated with breatheHR, the Leave page and some Leave-related Reports are completely removed from your RotaCloud account. All Leave management is handled exclusively in breatheHR.

Please note that if you have any existing Leave on your RotaCloud account prior to the integration with breatheHR, it will be removed upon integrating the systems.

When loading the rota, RotaCloud will connect to your breatheHR account as needed to retrieve the relevant Leave data for display. If you have a large number of employees in a single location, this may result in longer loading times on the Rotas page.

If you use the Time & Attendance package, the same synchronisation will occur on the Attendance page. Leave data for the viewed employee will be fetched from breatheHR and displayed on their timesheet. If you have hourly-paid employees, you can add their Daily Hours for leave at this point to ensure correct payment for holidays and other types of leave.

Deleting Leave

With the integration in place, all Leave editing and deletion should be performed in breatheHR.

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