How do I add sickness?

A guide to entering sickness into your RotaCloud account

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In RotaCloud, Sickness is one of many Leave Types you can use, and it is added in the same way as Holiday, Maternity, or any other type of Leave.


To add sickness, follow these steps:

  1. Click on 'Leave' in the blue navigation bar to access the Leave Page.

  2. On the Leave Page, click the blue plus icon at the top to add a new instance of leave. This will take you to the 'Add Leave' form.

  3. Fill in all the required details for the leave, being sure to set the ‘Leave Type’ as Sickness.

  4. Click 'Add Leave' to save.

A screenshot of the Leave page on the Desktop version of RotaCloud, with the 'Add Leave' icon highlighted.


On the RotaCloud mobile app, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the blue ‘+’ icon in the lower-right corner of the app.

  2. Tap ‘Add Leave’.

  3. You’ll be directed to the Add Leave page, where you can fill out a form similar to the one on the desktop version of RotaCloud. Complete the fields to add the leave to your account, being sure to set the ‘Leave Type’ as Sickness.

If the employee has a shift on the same day that you’re adding leave, you’ll be asked how you want to handle the shift. For more detail on this, as well as more information on adding Leave to RotaCloud, see our Help Articles:

More on Leave Types

Sickness is one of many Leave Types that are available in RotaCloud. Each Leave Type serves a different purpose and will act differently when it comes to reporting or leave allowances. For a full breakdown of all of the Leave Types in RotaCloud, and how they differ, see our Help Article:

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