Why can’t I add leave?

Common issues that may prevent you from adding Leave to your RotaCloud account

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Here are some common issues that may prevent you from adding leave to your RotaCloud account:

1: Integrations with HR software

If your RotaCloud account is integrated with breatheHR or People HR, leave management is handled within those systems instead of RotaCloud.

breatheHR integration

Why can’t I see the Leave page at all?

If you can't see the Leave page at all, it means that when integrated with breatheHR, the Leave page is completely removed from RotaCloud. This means that employees cannot request leave or browse it within RotaCloud.

Instead, leave must be requested or added in breatheHR, and it will be displayed on the rota through the sync between the systems.

People HR integration

Why can’t I add start or end dates to Leave?

When integrated with People HR, leave is visible in RotaCloud, but employees, Admins, or Managers cannot request or add leave directly in RotaCloud. This is prevented by locking out the Start and End date fields, when attempting to add Leave.

To add leave, it must be requested or added in People HR. It will then be displayed on the rota and Leave page through the synchronisation between the systems.

2: Manager permissions

If you're a Manager, your ability to add leave to the system, either for yourself or for the staff you manage, depends on the permissions granted to you.

Why can’t I add leave for myself?

If you're a Manager who cannot add any leave for yourself, you can make a Leave Request instead.

To do this, go to the Leave page and click on the blue '+' icon to access the Add Leave page. From the dropdown menu, select your name, and you'll be directed to the Leave Request page.

If you believe you should have permission to add leave for yourself, we recommend speaking to your line manager to review your Manager permissions in RotaCloud.

Why can’t I add leave for my staff?

If you're unable to add leave for anyone in RotaCloud, it's possible that you haven't been granted permission to manage leave as a Manager.

To address this, we suggest discussing the permissions you've been granted as a Manager with your own line manager.

3: Why can’t I make a holiday request?

If your business has disabled Leave Requests in RotaCloud, you won't have access to the methods described in this article for making a request.

In such cases, leave is managed manually by an Administrator or Manager in RotaCloud. If you believe you should be able to make a holiday request, we recommend discussing the RotaCloud account settings with your line manager.

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