Holiday and Annual Leave
How to view and book time off
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The Leave page gives you a breakdown of any holiday you have booked. 

Your allowances (if entered by your manager) detail how much holiday you have remaining.

If your employer has enabled the Leave Request feature, you can request Leave using the blue Plus button at the top of the page.

When requesting leave, choose the type of leave (only Holiday comes out of your holiday allowance), and start/end dates. 

Half-days are set using the AM/PM drop-downs on the start and end dates. Add a message for your employer or manager and hit 'Continue'.

If your holiday request exceeds the amount of holiday you have remaining for the year, you may receive the message ‘You have not got enough holiday remaining in the 2019 leave year to request this holiday’. Please note, however, that this notification may have been disabled by your manager.

The request will then be sent to your employer or manager. If your request is approved, the holiday will appear on the rota, and you will be notified. 

 If your request is denied by your employer or manager, you will still be notified. 

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